Organic Dark Chocolate

If you don’t believe us, ask Marco Borges the author of #1 New York Times & Amazon bestseller “The 22-days Revolution” – a guidebook to plant-based nutrition and great health. Dark Chocolate is healthy! Period! Concerned about sugar? Try our 100% chocolate or low sugar chocolate bars and find the natural sweetness of real chocolate. 

Explore our impressive collection of organic dark chocolate. We hand-picked the best organic chocolate bars to let the devoted fans delight in the pure taste of bean-to-bar chocolate.

We offer an exciting variety of organic chocolate bars: along with classic flavors like salted caramel or coffee, you'll also find truly unusual combinations, such as organic dark chocolate with soursop, blood orange oil, dried chrysanthemum, and many more.

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Our Partners

We partner with responsible bean-to-bar chocolate makers who source the produce directly from cacao farmers. They use only high-quality, organic cacao beans, fruit, and spices in their chocolate-making process to provide healthy organic dark chocolate to those who appreciate its rich taste.

Ocelot Chocolate

Ocelot Chocolate is owned and run by Matt and Ish, a couple whose passion for making chocolate grew into a small business. They design most of their packaging, which is, by the way, made from sustainable paper stock. Discover smooth, authentic tastes of organic dark chocolate from Ocelot: Blood Orange with zesty blood orange flavor and a sweet vanilla touch, Sea Salt with hand-harvested sea salt, or Black Cherry organic dark chocolate infused with dried cherry.

Kad KoKoa

Kad KoKoa stands out by producing single-origin chocolate. All the ingredients of organic dark chocolate they make, from cacao beans to fruit and spices, come from Thailand. Indulge in the unique taste of spicy Chantaburi's Pepper organic dark chocolate bar or bright and mysterious Shiso Seed with roasted shiso seeds on top. 

Obolo Chocolate

Each Obolo organic dark chocolate bar is produced in Chile with pure, top-quality chocolate and environmental sustainability in mind. You'll be amazed by the variety of Obolo organic, dairy-free dark chocolate flavors: elegant Coffee, sweet and spicy Masala Chai, Sea Salt, Smoked Chili, tangy Muña Muña… And that's not all — they also make 100% sugar-free chocolate and classic dark chocolate with organic cane sugar, which can be used as a quality dark chocolate addition to your homemade cookies and cakes.

Beau Cacao

Beau Cacao is one of the few bean-to-bar chocolate producers that uses cacao beans harvested in Malaysia. Delight in every single bite of natural dark chocolate created by the passionate ethical trade and sustainable environment enthusiasts from France. Each Beau Cacao organic dark chocolate bar we offer has been produced from ingredients sourced from different regions of Malaysia. 


One of the best coffee roasters in Spain, Puchero has also been making premium dark chocolate bars since 2018. They use produce harvested and dried on small farms in Tanzania, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Philippines, India, and other countries. You should definitely try classic Tanzania Kokoa Kamili organic 85 dark chocolate and original Mexico Soconusco with Pine Nut by Puchero.

Naive Chocolate

Based in a small town in Lithuania, Naive Chocolate chooses the best ingredients in the world to help you reveal the indulgent taste of each organic dark chocolate bar. Their Molecules series is virtually out of this world. Just imagine: together with scientists, Naive has developed the process of preserving endorphins and antioxidants naturally present in cocoa.

Bonnat Chocolate

The Bonnat family from France have been sharing their unconditional love for high-grade chocolate since 1884. They pass their knowledge from generation to generation to treat each genuine chocolate lover to the best organic dark chocolate bar. Discover a fruity and delicate taste of the Madre De Dios pure chocolate bar, made from beans harvested in Peruvian Madre de Dios, which became a real battlefield for preserving endemic cacao trees. Or try the iconic award-winning Real DeL Xoconuzco, produced from the first cacao cultivated in Mexico for the Emperors of pre-Columbian civilizations.


Meet Labooko Belize Sail Shipped 72%, an organic dark chocolate bar from Zotter, a chocolate producer based in Austria. One of the few European bean-to-bar chocolate makers, they do everything in-house to help you to tap into the exciting world of raw organic dark chocolate. Each dark chocolate bar contains nothing more than fair-traded, organic cocoa butter, cocoa mass, and raw cane sugar.

Discover the Amazing World of Organic Dark Chocolate with Hello Chocolate

Every dark chocolate bar we offer meets the highest fair trade and organic standards. At Hello Chocolate, we strive to provide consumers with top-quality natural dark chocolate and support cocoa farmers by promoting fair trade practices and high-grade organic ingredients.