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A solid classic. Cacao beans from Madagascar are highly sought after by craft chocolate makers simply because of the layers upon layers of character and nuances that draw chocolate makers and eaters in. A highly reputable source of cacao beans, this bar never disappoints with its quality and bold dark chocolate full of character, with rich notes of black cherry & citrus.


Bean origin: Åkessons Befojo Estate, Sambirano Valley, Ambanja, Madagascar.


Vegan, dairy and gluten free. Can contain traces of nuts, gluten, and dairy.
Weight: 53 g

Maker Description

As the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Norway, Agur and Siv - the co-founders of Fjåk Sjokolade, infused natural Nordic elements of the finest quality into ethically and sustainably traded cacao beans to create beautiful, au naturel, award-winning chocolates. “Fjåk” roughly translates to “loveable” or “honest” in the Hardanger dialect, which roots this chocolate maker to the ancient fine craft of chocolate making and spreading bona fide love and candidness for craft chocolate. The excellence of their chocolates speaks for itself, as Fjåk had won 7 awards for all 7 bars that they had put up for the Academy of Chocolate Awards within 9 months of being in the market.